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Will we get to hire head coach?

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[QUOTE=cappyboy]JB, you were the head coach in TPF. Although I will grant you that the co-ordinator pool could sink into a horrible mess after a while[/QUOTE] yep your the head caoch in TPF but TPF gives you a random head coach preference offense style and random ratings already when you create a league. and if you have a long dynasty you as the head coach will be very old. i was hoping you can hire and fire head coach like you can do in front office football for Bowl Bound. if it going to be like TPF Head coach, then i hope when creating the league, we can pick the style of the head coach we are going to be and pick the offense style you want and maybe have a certain amount of points to assign to head coach development and scout rating, gameplan and motivation. this way we have some control of what kind of head coach we want to be in Bowl Bound.
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