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I have no clue if this could be of any help to anyone as I just discovered it 5 minutes ago. Its a wrestling dice game of some sort - don't ask me I don't know more about it. But it has a download section for character sheet, booking sheet, contract sheet, roster sheet, and promotion sheet. The reason I am posting this info is cause it might be usefull for people playing EWR or TEW in their bookings. Maybe not the contract sheet but the booking sheet might be useful to some... or it might give people some ideas for better ways to do whatever. Anyway, I'm posting it, I have not used it and not sure I will since I'm not playing EWR/TEW anymore, I prefer to wait for the new TEW game to come out. [url]http://www.errantknightgames.com/kayfabe/downloads.html[/url]
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