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Just wondering what all basic moves people have added in as I've just started playing with the editor over the last couple of days and filling in a few moves I noticed missing and am looking to see if people have noticed any others worth adding other than finishers (since I know there's plenty of signature finishers out there that you could never get them all.) I've given a lot of these different names to fit the game better but these are the basic descriptions so people hopefully know what I'm talking about. It's possible some of these are even in the game already and I just totally missed them even. Snapmare Rope Stunner Arm Rope Stunner Fire Extinguisher Blast Fireball Leaping Bulldog Arm Twist Neckbreaker Flipping Arm Wringer Takedown Gutcheck Sunset Flip Slingshot in Ropes Choke on Ropes Charging Knee (again in the ropes, where the opponent is laying as in a 619 but the attacker simply runs and delivers a knee or sits on their back) Arm and Leg stomps with limb elevated in ropes Tree of Woe Dropkick Flapjack Lift and Crotch on Ropes Benchpress Press Slam Press Slam to Powerslam
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