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Everyone keeps talking about what Adam Ryland will do next and thats when I came up with the idea of a wrestling mmorpg! I dont know if Ryland and Greydog have the ability and technology to do it but if they dont hopefully some one that does will see this. Start out with your wrestler in a small town, go around doing missions to up your skills and levels as you get more over you move onto bigger towns (like in regular mmo's how you move to another city after youve done enough missions) you gain overage from P2P battles as well and get more over for winning higher level matches of course (if you beat a lvl 10 player you get less overage than a lvl 20) you can join federations (guilds) and the head owner (head of the guild) and assign title matches. As you move on threw the game you can get a better house and training equipment to help boost your skills (warcraft had houses if you recall) so overall I think it would be a cool game, especially if it was free, however i doubt ryland and grey dog have the capabilities. I think this would be a cool way to "step up" wrestling simulators so that matches are more than text base and involve mult-player. what do you guys think?
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