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Happy 4th of July

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Thanks and you too!! [QUOTE=Danny Drickman]To all who celebrate, happy 4th of July. May you all have a fun and safe holiday.[/QUOTE] Here in Western Washington summer doesn't usually start until July 5th. Usually we have cloudy and cool (60's) weather in the latter part of June until around the 5th. Take it from someone who moved out here in 1975 from Florida, what a drastic change. However this 4th it is already around 70 and going to be near 80 degrees with lots of Sunshine!! Happy Day! We are having about 11 people over for a barbecue, fellowship, games and fireworks at our (My wife and I) home. I hope everone in the United States and all Americans abroad who celebrate Independence Day, have a wonderful and safe holiday :D
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