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some more ideas

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don't know if it's too late or not, but a few ideas that may or may not already be included in the plans... - an email from your team's coaches/scouts at the beginning (or multiple emails over the course of recruiting) that identifies sleeper players that may be flying under the radar and/or overrated players to avoid. (I'm thinking something similar to what is in TPF when you get the final draft comments email from you coaching staff). How useful/accurate the info is should depend on the quality of your recruiting personnel as well as the amount of $ you allocate to different regions/positions. - Either official or unofficial preseason awards lists identifying the potential stud players. A lot of the awards for top linebacker or offensive lineman already do this, but if there is a newspaper like feature include in it, pre-season heisman hopefuls... this might help with the immersion factor people are looking for (is your star rb on the list, who starts off slowly and loses hype, who come out of nowhere to win the award) - history, history, history... teams yearly w/l, conf championships, bowls, ranks... coaches info... individual player cards w/ hs recruiting rankings, stats, awards... player records... i was a little disappointed with history aspect in TPB. fast break college bball does it better than any sim i've seen. any thoughts???
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