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This game drives me nuts when...

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Okay, so I'm Adam Matravers in my game. I'm not real over, but I'm doin okay... I'm around 16 in U.S., haven't been playing that long. I've gone up against some decent guys - Deano Machino, Brent Hill, Fox Mask, Johnny Bloodstone - and I usually win. But I'm terrified of one man: Al the Hillbilly. Don't laugh. I was 0-3 against him until our last match, which was a cage match. He won. For the match, he was: 9 of 11 (low) 3 of 5 (medium) 0 of 0 (high) 1 of 1 (finishers) I was: 0 of 1 (low) 0 of 0 (medium) 0 of 0 (high) 0 of 0 (finishers) I know this game is based on random probability, but at times like this I yearn for the ol' button mashers, just to reassert some control over my character. HIT ME! HIT ME AGAIN! Okay, I'm gonna try to BLOCK... nah... HIT ME! I will AVOID not getting HIT! I will ESCAPE from launching any sort of offense! I will BREAK my face on the keyboard in frustration! Okay. Whew.
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