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The main problems with FM08 are these: [B]The Grey Teams[/B] For some reason you have a European match against some minnows from Israel or somewhere and there team is made up entirely of Grey Players. Grey Players have for the past few version been overrated and you quite often struggle against teams made up of completly grey players. [B]Board Confidence[/B] As Keefy says, board confidence is quite poor. After my first month in charge of Man Utd, I had won all four of my first 4 league games but lost the community shield in my first ever competitive match in charge to Chelsea, with a few players out injured. End of the month comes and the board tell me they are satisfied with my start to management but they can not ignore the 3-1 defeat in the community shield to Chelsea. They can't ignore it? It is not a big trophy at all and to lose to Chelsea in my first match in charge is hardly woeful. Considering my second game of the season was a 1-0 away win over Chelsea, I thought they might look past us not winning the prized trophy that is the community shield :rolleyes: Also in the match confidence screen where your supporter spokesperson tells you what the fans think of each performance, they were actually more impressed with my 3-0 home win over Birmingham than either my 1-0 away victory over Chelsea or my 3-0 away result against Tottenham. And furthermore, board expectations at the start of the season are imo silly. Fair enough having league expectations, but why have cup expectations? Man Utd expect to reach the finals of both the FA Cup and The League Cup. First of all, just like Fergie in real life, I use the League Cup to play some youngsters and the fringe players from my main squad, like Silvestre, Pique, Park etc. Also am I going to be penalised for going out in say the 5th round of the FA Cup if it's a loss away to Arsenal for example? Does the game take into account who you lose to? Most likely not. [B]Match Engine[/B] First of all, the corner bug, I don't exploit it myself but basicaly something like this shouldn't be in the game after two patches. The Match Engine is for the most part fantastic but it still needs a lot of work. [B]Player Enquiries[/B] As Man Utd, I keep getting enquiries from Arsenal and Chelsea asking me how much I would sell Ronaldo for. I reject their advances and say he is not for sale, yet a week later they come back asking how much I would let him go for. This wouldn't happen in real life. Irl, Arsenal and Chelsea would never do this in the first place because they know Utd would not sell their best player and possibly the best player in the world atm, for any price. Ronaldo atm is literally priceless. In the game, though, they ask you what you would sell him for, so you issue a hands off warning. Following week they're back asking again and repeat to fade. Also get this with Barce and Milan coming in for Vidic or Rio. The best defensive partnership in the Prem and possibly Utd's best defensive partnership since Bruce/Pallister. Either have these teams make these silly requests once then get over the fact they've been told no, or ideally, don't have clubs make such silly requests. Oh and don't even get me started on Liverpool enquiring about Rio :rolleyes: That's it for now, but I'm sure there is more. I would like to point out I am very much enjoying my game, having made a lovely start with 6 wins out of 6 in the league, having signed Dean Ashton from West Ham, who has scored 5 in 5, including a hattrick against Wigan, whom we mauled 5-1 :D
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