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Interference counting as storyline advancement

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Indeed. Interference at the very least should be able to count towards (Unchained) storylines. Also on my wishlist is for Guest Referees and Guest Commentators to count. I can see why maybe Commentators wouldn't count since it's easy to abuse, but really when you think about it, so so many feuds have one of the guys talk at ringside while the other guy has a match, putting the feud over - and that's what this would be, putting the feud over. Then often there'll be an attack or other confrontation, but that comes into Interference and Angles. Referees are an absolute must as far as I'm concerned. Take this last week for example - did Triple H's referring the Orton/Cena match not have any kind of effect on their feud? Of course it had a bearing on it, and arguably a major one in that it allowed the feud to continue and escalate. I'd also like to see the return of "dodgy ref" finishes - fast counts, turning physical, unfair DQ, refusing to count, etc.
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