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Added Realism in 2008

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Since the beginning of the Wrestling Sims a lot has changed, is it possible that TEW2008 takes more of this into consideration? For example: Much of the wrestling that takes place on WWE isn't where the money is made, it's via marketing, movies, sponsorship deals. We see a lot more of starts taking time out for movies, punting goods on WWE/ other T.V. (e.g. Playboy) will the new TEW take this into consideration? Giving starts time off to do movies etc, this would add more realism and spontaneity to games. This could also relate to smaller fed where people are working a full time/ part time job and job commitments could dictate when they are wrestling (say for example, someone who is in the army and on tour for a few months per year). As an off shoot to this would it be beneficial to have two types of overness, one for the 'wrestling world' and one for the 'entertainment world'. Just now Randy Orton and Batista is over enough to hold the world title, but not as huge as The Rock or Austin were, this would allow for realistic feuds and title wins within the wrestling world (take for example Angle vs Austin feud, The Rock vs HHH) - this would really differentiate between a good/ over wrestler and a superstar/ legend. Only suggestions, what do the rest of you think?
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