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Logical financial system

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For smaller promotions the budgetting seems fair, but when you reach Cult/National status it becomes FAR too easy to just let your assets accumulate. It seems pointless to me to have a bottom line of $30M and yet have nothing to do with it all. It's nice to have but it would be exponentially greater if it was more than an aesthetic value. For instance, if you could spend it on possibly opening up another sub promotion/training camp. Or to use these funds to coherce celebrities into short term contracts. Possibly even buy out rival workers contracts if they are not happy there. Or even something that I'm sure would be close to impossible, but nontheless deserves mention, maybe the avaliable option of starting a new network with which to host your shows. Or donating to a network to increase its size. Food for thought at least, thank you for reading and thank you Mr. Ryland for an amazingly addictive game.
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