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Added TV Network Values & Features

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Firstly, and I don't know if this is how it already works or not, but I'd like to see a feds popularity be able to boost ratings on Networks (not instantly of course), as it seems more likely that having a fed grow on a network might raise its ratings in the areas where the TV Network airs to so long as it continues to pump out shows that are above the TV Networks maximum ratings. I also think check-box to allow multiple federations to be on the same network needs to return. Another thing I'd like to see, when signing a contract for a spot on a TV Network, is an "Exclusive Deal" options. This option would make the TV Network a little (on what level needs to be worked out) more likely to sign agree to your contract terms and what it does is simply disallow you from signing on to any other TV Networks that have viewers in any area that TV Network already airs in. An example of this would be the WWE back when they were on Spike TV (which airs in both Canada and the US), however TSN already had a Canadian exclusive contract with the WWE for RAW, meaning Spike couldn't show RAW here and had to subsequently show VIP instead in their Canadian-feed while TSN was showing RAW (which could open up even more options, but I digress). Now onto the new values I'd like to see... [b]Standards:[/b] Not all TV Networks think the same or demand the same production values and ratings from their shows as others. This value would represent what quality the TV Network is willing to accept out of potential feds trying to get TV deals. Somewhat like the old EWR value for TV Networks. [b]Risk:[/b] How risky the Network is willing to let a promotion be. This feature definitely needs to return as having a TV Networks 'acceptance' of riskiness be based on the size of the viewer base just limits the game a bit too much for larger promotions. Shows with a maxed value in this wouldn't care what was put on their network while shows with no value wouldn't want anything even slightly offensive on their network. [b]Patience:[/b] All TV Networks are not created equal in their patience with such things as ratings and edginess. This value would basically dictate how much patience a TV Network has in concerns to both Monthly Ratings and stepping over the boundaries of what they deem is acceptable behavior/content (Risk). TV Networks with a low patience value won't hesitate to cancel their contract with if you irk them enough without a single warning, where as a TV Network with high patience will probably warn you a few times and give you time to improve before finally kicking your feds butt to the proverbial curb. An example that doesn't really currently fit into how TEW currently works is Fox. They don't seem to care much about show quality (as evident from shows like Cops, Jerry Springer, Judge Judy, etc) and their level of acceptable riskiness seems to be pretty high (Cops, Springer, Family Guy, etc), however they do seem to be pretty quick to drop a show flat on its head if it isn't pulling in acceptable monthly ratings (too many shows to even list).
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