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Improved Roster Splits

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This was a feature that was, in various ways, shapes, and forms, suggested for '07 but never added and is a feature I still think would add a lot of fun to the game for those of us that play with roster splits. My take on it is this... In Edit Database, specifically in the Promotion Editor, when creating or editing a Promotion the player will notice a new sub-menu on the left underneath Contracts called Rosters and that the three "Roster" boxes seem to be gone from the main Promotion edit menu. It is not gone, just moved to the new sub-menu. You will still only be able to create three Rosters, however this menu will elaborate heavily on Roster Splits and allow for a wider range of options for how the game handles Roster Splits for this particular Federation. The three "Brand" would be grayed out with white check boxes beside where you would normally fill in the brand name. To activate a "Brand" you would simply check off the box next to it, which would then un-gray the text field and allow you to add a name (this would also help prevent people "accidentally" creating a roster as well). Also if you check off the "Treat As Separate Promotions" box you will be able to choose logos for each separate roster split. Beneath the three "Brand" name entries/boxes would be another checkable box (that would un-grays when you activate a brand) with the label "Treat As Separate Promotions" beside it. This would basically tell the that while the federation is still owned and operated by the same promotion that each Roster Split, in-game, is treated as separate promotions when a player joins that promotion (upon where he/she would be asked which Roster they would like to GM/Book for). If this is activated you will be able to fully trade talent with other Rosters belonging to the same federation, "borrow" talent for a set number of shows, and so on and so forth. Even though you still "compete" with the other rosters, how much money and popularity each roster makes all goes to the same place (so its more like a "healthy competition" rather than a competitive one or a war). There are two more options beneath it that un-gray when the rosters are activated. These options are... The first of these is "Activate Drafting?". When this box is checked two separate drop-down selection menus will un-gray. The first new box determines how the drafts are handled each time... [list] [*][b][i]Random Draft:[/i][/b] This option basically means that each time the draft is done nobody is allowed to select any talent, all are distributed randomly. [*][b][i]Random 10 Draft:[/i][/b] This option puts all the workers into one pile, randomly selects 10 for each roster and drafts them to that roster, the rest of the workers are then returned to whichever roster it was on (note that it would be possible for a worker to be randomly drafted back to their own roster. [*][b][i]Pick 10 Draft:[/i][/b] This option puts all workers in a single 'pot' and would allow each GM (order chosen at random), one at a time, to select 10 workers. The workers not selected return to the roster they were previously. [*][b][i]Pick 10 Lotto Draft:[/i][/b] This option allows each "GM" (order chosen at random) to each pick a worker, one at a time, until each GM has selected 10 workers. The rest of the roster is divided up randomly. [*][b][i]Pick Draft:[/i][/b] As the name suggests, this allows each GM (order chosen at random) to take turns picking workers (one at a time) until no talent remains to be picked. [*][b][i]New Blood Draft:[/i][/b] This option fades out the "Talent Hiring Options" drop-down menu. Instead, you may tell the game which talents your interested in hiring and, for about a month before the draft takes place, the game will automatically start to try to hire said talent (the other rosters AI GM's will also get to pick talent they want), of coarse using the Owner's restrictions/business traits and the game will first see if people are ready to be moved up from any Development Territories (this option automatically reverts to the XXX "Talent Hiring" option if you are also the Owner). Each GM will then take turns (order chosen at random), one at a time, selecting from the potential new talent until no new talent remains. The owner will not hire very much, if any, talent if the budget for talent is running out or exceeded. [/list] Below this and before the second Draft drop down menu would be simple a section asking how often does the Draft occur (once a year, once every two years, or once every three years) as well as the month the draft takes place in and at the begging of which week in the month the draft occurs. The second menu is basically for determining who is eligible for drafting (note that if a worker does not appear in a certain percentage of the shows you've held over 1/2/3 years than they automatically get entered into the draft). This option is grayed out if you selected Random Draft, Pick Draft, or New Blood Draft. Options include All (all workers are up for grabs), On-Screen Only (Referees and Road Agents are not available to be Drafted), Wrestlers Only, Main Event Only, Midcard Only, Low Level Only, Main Event & Midcard only, and Midcard & Lower Level Only. The last selectable feature in this sub-menu would be Talent Hiring. Here you get to choose which type of hiring the federation uses. [list] [*][b][i]Booker Control:[/i][/b] The booker (you) have total control over whom gets hired into the federation and to what Roster they are hired into (or if they are sent to a potential development territory). You also control who is fired without restriction. [*][b][i]By Roster:[/i][/b] You can hire people but only into your own roster. If you try to fire somebody, an option will first be sent out to the other Roster(s) to see if they want to take the talent off your hands instead. If they do not you may proceed with the firing. [/list] And thats my idea, a few options would have to be included elsewhere here and there to make it work, but I think it'd be awesome addition, even if its not the way I mentioned above. The only thing that needs to be really figured out would be how workers coming up from development deals are handled.
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