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The Epitome - Vengeance Is Upon Us

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[IMG]http://xs225.xs.to/xs225/08096/internet706.jpg[/IMG] [b][size="4"]BREAKING NEWS![/size][/b] [I]- Eric Eisen Torn From SWF?[/I] Earlier today it was mentioend that the popular son of Richard Eisen, Eric, had been relieved of his duties with the Supreme Wrestling Federation and would be parting ways with the company immediately. This makes the talks of a rumored fallout between the two, in late 2006, a fact. Eric could, or would, not be reached for a comment nor does Richard have anything to say regarding the subject. This would surely mean a major upheaval in SWF as despite what some people think Eric had backstage duties as well. Not only was he the webmaster of swf.com, but also a dark member of the booking team. His role in the latter was not overly prominent but he should be credited for putting together the spectacular ladder match that opened off Christmas Clash 2006, involving The Samoan Wildboyz and The Amazing Bumfholes. What Eric's future hold is as of yet unknown as he has no move or announcement that has stated his future business. Whether Eric will continue his wrestling career, retire to a backstage position, tour the independents or maybe even go down another career path is unkown at this point. We hope to bring quick updates on this major story that will, no matter the outcome, rock the wrestling world. [I]- Strange Marketing Ploy?[/I] Recently, we have been getting reports from all around the United States that pop-up's containing a very ominous message have popping up, no pun intended, all around website across the country. From local wrestling news sites to even swf.com, this pop-up apparently appears just you enter the site in question. Whether this is a national virus about to spread or just a prank to stir up the fire is unknown as nobody has appeared and taken claim for this message. The message reads as follows; [QUOTE]My friends; today you will witness the start of a new world. No mortal man can control the claim of the Epitome. No more should it be rejected. Today marks the first day of rejuvination. It will go on to capture the legacy of kings and pillage the friends of those who rally against it. The Epitome will not forget, it will not forgive. Praise this as a symbolic warning to those who know that our wrath is coming. They will beg for their souls, walk the trail of trial and become servants in the name of the Epitome. This is one, this will become all. The battlefield is set and out fathers have directed against us. Join us or fall, that is our message. Through will we survive and we will survive. Our path will stay clear and we will not stray from the road ahead. The time for vengeance has come."[/QUOTE] Again it is unknown at this point who or what this Epitome is. Movies, television series and other of that ilk has known to turn to viral marketing as a way of garnering special interest but to advertise for a movie or series on wrestling sites seems rather strange; unless it is of course a film about wrestling but that would hopefully just be a prank as we have such things before and shaken our heads in disgust. Some here at totalextremewrestling.com have raised the question if this could have someting to do with Eric Eisen and his fallout with his father, and clues have been dropped in the Epitome message that could hint a certain connection, but before anything is clearified we will not make good of any theories. Nonetheless we will keep you updated as this has certainly sparked the interest of more then just a handful of wrestling fans. Two major stories to start off 2007, as it shows to be a most eventful year.
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