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Maybe someone could answer

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I created a new game. I made CGC, NOTBPW, DAVE, USPW, TCW, SWF, BHOTWG, PGHW, and INSPIRE all basically the same popularity and prestige. They are all 70 in their home region and 55 in the rest of their home country, with 75 prestige, to make a balanced turf war. I also wiped out all TV and PPV contracts before hand so everyone starts off even. So I started in January 07, and February came around. DAVE (me), NOTBPW, PGHW, and TCW was the only promotions to pick up TV deals. All of them got PPV. I wondered why the others didnt get tv but didnt think too much about it. May came calling, the next month to get a tv deal, BHOTWG, INSPIRE, USPW, and CGC all got new tv deals. SWF was the only fed not to get one. My question is, anyone have any idea why? I mean was it just dumb luck is it something to do with their Eisen's stats or whatever
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