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Brett Favre Retires!


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I grew up in Wisconsin and while I was never really a Packer fan (And got a like of crap for that over the years), I always had a great deal of respect for Brett. No one played the game like he did & the more I saw how much fun he had... the more I grew to love the guy. It's a shock to me to see him retire due to the team that the Packers seemingly had, however, like it has been stated on ESPN... They could have ended up just like the Saints & Bears in years before where they were great... only to suck the next year. All in all, Brett is a class-act & one of the greatest QB's the game has ever seen. It's sad to see him go. Now, they just need to see if Aaron Rodgers has anything in him or if they'll have to shop for a new QB a few years down the road. Replacing a legend is quite difficult (see Dolphins).
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