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Tweaking the Merchandise options

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While it may be too late to do anything with this in '08, or there may already be an adjustment made and not revealed yet, what I would be interested in seeing is something done with the merchandise options of the conservative, just in time and optimistic to make there be a reason to choose something other than just in time setting. Right now, every one puts that option as just in time because it gives the best return, and there are no apparent benefits to using either one of the others. An idea I had to give some strategic challenge for it would be a random scale of profit or loss with each one having a different range of possible positive or negative each month Conservative +1% _ -1% Just in Time +5%_ -5% Optimistic +10%_ -10% Which means , if your promotion averages $1000 month in merchandise sales, each of these settings would affect that by a random percentage in the range of the option chosen, either plus or minus , so optimistic could get you anywhere from $900-$1100 Just in time would be $950-$1050 , etc. This would provide a risk/reward value to each of the settings, and add a strategic factor.
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