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Champions Online Forum = Day Care


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I recently became excited to hear that City of Heroes (and Villains) creator Mythic is going to be creating basically City of Heroes 2 (although now it's called Champions Online based off of the Champions RPG). So being the excitable person that I am I signed up for their forums and man, I stopped posting after a day. Once the thread entitled "Breast Size" exploded to over 40 pages. So the thread started yesterday at 10:15 AM and now at 8:15 AM, it has almost 500 responses of people going back and forth saying "big boobs are better" vs. "small boobs are better." Whenever anyone has a good idea, it quickly gets buried as I swear about two dozen posters LIVE on this website as they post every 30 seconds. Any good topics quickly get buried and even the devs are starting to comment about how crappy the forums have become. And the forums only started last month. Judging by the comments and the spelling/grammar of many of the frequent posters, I can only assume that they are preteens at best which means that in just a month, the forum has turned into essentially a day care service. I'm very sad as the game looks amazing and I would like to give some kind of feedback without having to wade through 10 feet of excrement to get there.
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