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Sorry I've never played MOSC but just from the description of the fed you want short blood matches. You have 4 count them 4 members of your starting roster who can carry a match; Geordie Jimmy Morris, Harley Neil, Jeffrey McPeterson and Kevin Jones. You recommended main event length is 16 minutes and about a quarter of your roster can go that far; Buff Martinez, Harley Neil, Jay B, Jefferey McPeterson and Kevin Jones. Your best hardcore workers are Bruiser, Buff Martinez, Danny Patterson, Harley Neil and Kevin Jones. And your best actual brawlers are Danny Patterson, Harley Neil, Jefferey Peterson and Kevin Jones. So you can see who your best workers are and who you need to build. I would consider picking up Ali Bloxsome, Jack Griffith, Jonathan Faust, Joss Thompson, Keith Adams and Merle O'Curle. All of them have a decent psych and the stamina to main event as well as at least one type of decent stand up fighting stat.
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