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Become a MMA fighter!!!

Capelli King

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I really like the new WMMA game, maybe even more than TEW07 if that is possible. :p SO i decided to use the engine and a bit of creativity to create our own MMA universe!! I have a couple of forums elsewhere, plus one of my members is a MMA maniac and writes articles for one of the MMA sites (do not remmember which one), he said there will be huge interest on the new idea i have. Basically, You take on the role of a Professional Mixed Martial Arts Fighter (MMA). You decide virtually everything, from his original stats, in what skills he will train in, his general character and general direction. Making it to the top of the MMA world you will need a blend of good skills, regular training and public appeal. A certain level of luck exists, as with every sport, however 95% depends on you. Getting to the top of the rankings, taking part in the big matchups of all time, winning the world title and ultimately ending up in the Hall of Fame archive is something that very few if any will achieve. So how will you end your career? A legend of the sport or an injured nobody, that will be totaly up to you! Join the forums at [url]http://z9.invisionfree.com/MMA[/url] read up the Start up info and fill in an application and you are off to go! We are having the very first event on Saturday:D Any questions post here on on the forums, think this one will be fun
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