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Entering The Race-President Forever


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(This is my attempt to bring a universe where I run for President) *As the fog lifts, the cameras pan to the limo riding down the famous street in Washington, DC which all presidents travel before taking the Oath of Office. Drums beat, and the crowd claps and cheers their new President as he waves to the throng. The limo nears Capital Hill where, in mear moments, he will take the oath. As he climbs out of the limo and assends the steps, he sits as he hears the traditional speeches prior to his swearing in. Then, he is introduced to the people. he aproaches the stand, places his hand on the Bible, and starts to repeat what the Chief Justice. As he speaks, he becomes aware that he is speaking gibberish. Things grow dark, then light again. he raises up in the bed, realizes that he fell asleep during the news report. His name is mentioned on TV, "And in a surprise turn, a virtual nobody has decided to run for the highest office in the land!" A nobody?*
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