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Road Agent Notes For Developmental Stars

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This is a two fold suggestion, one aspect that I think should be an absolute definate and another that I realise probably won't get anywhere. 1) You should be able to access the road agent notes for workers in developmental promotions. At the moment if I sign a worker and send him to development whilst I might be able to get his abilities to increase I'll have no idea how good a wrestler he could become. This is very unrealistic as I think it is hugely unlikely that a parent company in real life would not have any feedback as to how good a wrestler may become. Essentially I'm not asking for anything more than being able to access the road agent notes as you can for you're current members of your roster. Failing this then just have a simple scale ranging from finished article to future hall of famer. This way, calling people up to the roster in the hope that they will develop into a great isn't such a hit and miss event. I've called people up before, hoping that they will grow into one of the top high flyers in the world only to find out that they've more or less maxed out the amount they can improve. 2) Suggestions for future pushes / gimmicks. Now I realise that this might be a little too much to hope for but it would improve the realism. Basically when called up the developmental promotion would suggest x or y gimmick based on his performance whilst he was in development. A lot of the time this would mean that if you give him the suggested gimmick then you would be more likely to get a high rating although this wouldn't always be the case and depend on how similar the developmental fed was to you in your product settings.
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