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Depth Charts

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I tend to not like to get bogged down in a game, so I like the TCY option of having your coaches run the depth charts etc. Here's a few things I'd like to see in BB though: 1. Allow assistants to "run the depth charts", however allow you as the coach to mark certain players to be "starters" and not have that overridden or make you handle every position. These should have the option to be "locked" somewhat for example if my starting QB gets hurt and my backups are not much different but I decide I want my sophomore to start instead of the fifth year senior (who never developed) so the soph can develop more for the next season, then I can flag the sophomore to be the starter and then the assistants would fill in the depth behind him with their own rotation. This allows me to control the skill positions, QB, RB, WRs without having to pay attention to the #3 QB or the #6 OLB. (Naturally, I would hope to have the option to handle everything in the depth chart for those guys who want to totally immerse themselves in the minutae.) 2. Play calling: Hopefully BB will have the option for you to micromanage the game with individual playcalling. I like the gameplan stuff I've seen, just not sure how that will play out.
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