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!~*WCW 2003 Cards Rate & Predict*~!

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I started with the rebirth mod in May 2001 and im now in July 2003 [B]WCW Bash at The Beach 2003[/B] [B]Theme Song- Nirvana- Come as you are[/B] [B]WCW World Heavyweight Title Match[/B] King Booker /w Queen Sharmell(H)(C) Vs. Takeshi Morishima(F) [B]WCW World Heavyweight Title #1 Contenders Match[/B] Bill Goldberg(F) Vs. Shawn Michaels(H) [B]Grudge Match[/B] The Reaper(Undertaker)(H) Vs. Diamond Dallas Page(F) [B]Grudge Match[/B] Sid(F) Vs. Scott Steiner(H) [B]WCW United States Title Match[/B] Jeff Jarrett /w Ric Flair(H)(C) Vs. Kevin Nash /w Scott Hall(F) [B]WCW World Tag Team Title Extreme Rules Match[/B] The Horsemen (Kanyon & Awesome) /w Ric Flair(H)(C) Vs. RVD & Sabu(F) [B]WCW Television Title Match[/B] Low Ki(H)(C) Vs. AJ Styles(F) [B]Ghetto Street Fight[/B] LAX(Homicide, Hernandez, B-Boy & Chavo Guerrero)(H) Vs. Rey Mysterio Jr.,Jushin Lyger, Kidman & Jamie Knoble(F) [B]Opening Bout[/B] Samoa Joe(H) Vs. BJ Whitmer(F)
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