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Favourite Games?(With the Cornellverse)

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Do you still play the Cornellverse and if so, What are your saved games? I just started my Jeremy Chase one, He's the son of Phil "Flash" Chase(The person who trains you) and he looks like Al Coleman. I love the game. I just started it tonight but it's still awesomely cool due to my special moves like the Double Underhook Facebuster and the Pancake Facebuster(Pedigree and Styles Clash) I also like my Golden Scorpion one. I renamed him to Elemental III in Burning Hammer of the Wrestling Gods and I got about ten overness there. What ended my run there was A fight with the referee and the owner hating me. So when I asked for more wages he denied. Now, I screwed up my PGHW try out with A "C" Squash win and I'm wrestling for 320$ per apperance at GCG. A major downfall from my 25, 000$ per month I once had. Oh yeah, When I got to GCG I renamed myself back to Golden Scorpion. I just got to WLW and I'm feuding with World Level Universal Champion The Great Hisato. My last game with the Cornellverse is my Pablo Rodriguez one. Which I am A former DAVE Brass Knuckles Champion, A Former World Level Universal Champion and World Leve Universal Tag Team Champion.(I just left WLW with both titles). I just signed to TCW in A written contract and I'll start in two weeks time. My best match with him was my "A" 46 Minute match on DAVE's Danger Zone TV what I won, and that's when I won my Brass Knuckles Championship. So, what games do you have on the Cornellverse and will you care to explain them?
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