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what are the kind of modes in this game and does this have a long career mode

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Exhibition Mode: You basically just pick what kind of match you want and who you want to fight in it. Rookie to Legend mode: You create a worker to start with, train him/her, give him/her a move set, etc. and then begin a career with him/her. Superstar mode: You select one of the existing workers and play a career mode with that worker. The career mode can last many years or it could last a week (game time). There are 2 ways it can end, to my knowledge (and outside of you quitting), because of injury or when your worker reaches 65 years old. So if you start with a rookie with a young age you could play a very long career if you chose to, and could avoid major injury. The first career I played as a rookie last about 3.5 years using the data that comes with the game before I had a career ending neck injury. My second career was as a rookie and lasted about 2.5 years in using the Death of the Territories 1983 scenario, and then I had some major computer problems and lost the game when I had to format my hard drive. Right now, I'm 3 months into a game as a rookie using the original data. I've also been trying out Ransik's new 2005 data as Matt Bentley and am 9 months into that game. The career mode has quite a bit of replay value since you can vary what type of worker you try to become, what region of the world you try to become a star in, which data set you use.
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