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[QUOTE=like2throw;473220]is there a special rating for the potential attribute that can be changed in the editor, I cant seem to find it.[/QUOTE] Potential is only found in the main editor under size, and above Moveset. I don't think you can get to it in the game editor, as after you start a game that stat is figured in with the Destiny stat, for the duration of the game. Potential is a way to put the levels to a place for specific worker's that you want to be limited (Six stages, from Very Low to Excellent). This helps set off people that are to be the big stars, and also help keep other's from reaching peaks that the modder doesn't want them to reach. Works both ways, is my point. However, there is still a good room for the Destiny stat to manuever, as everyone set at Excellent won't all have the same limit's. There is still the "surprise" factor.
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