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An experimentation

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I've been playing TEW '07 (And briefly '05 before that) for a while now and have 'completed' quite a few challenges. All using the default database naturally. However, i've come up with a new idea. I want to run a pure garbage fed and run it from small to where ever (Global, I wish!) under the guise of a 'Chairshots and Highspots' product. In other words, a risque hardcore mayhem spotfest with plenty of crazy angles/clustersmurf finishes and loads of T&A on show. Should give me a chance to use those Psycho/Spot monkey workers I normally never touch. Oh, and those shock jock clowns too. Hell, I may even hire Vince russo (Joke!). So, although some are obvious, what product definition would make these guys flourish? I know it pretty much states everything in the help file and here, but I want to know opinions on levels and things. Also, in your opinions, who in the cornellverse would be a great fit for this promotion? Sorry for coming across as newbie-ish, but great thanks in advance for all your advice.
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