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PG-13 wrestling: Let the wrestlecrap hit the fan!

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When the executives at the TV Company I work for asked if there were any wrestling fans to help them with their next project I naturally jumped at the chance. There was an open meeting being held in conference room B this dinner time for anybody who wanted to throw out a few ideas. I'd been to this kind of thing before and it was always pretty pointless, nobody really listened and the higher ups just did what they wanted to do anyway. Maybe, just maybe, a few impassioned wrestling fans gathered in conference room B could help make a damn good British wrestling show. That is if anybody had turned up. "Are you sure this is conference room B?" I said to the cleaner who was making light work of the stubborn stains on the laminate floor. "Maybe the little letters on the door got switched around and nobody noticed?" [B] "Nah you’re in the right place mate, they’re probably still playing golf, on the nineteenth hole if you catch me drift"[/B] Great, so maybe one wrestling fan and a few half cut executives gathered in conference room B could still make a fairly interesting wrestling show? "[U]Ahhh, so glad you could make it! Is this everyone? Very good. Tom isn’t it??"[/U] Actually it was Chris "Err.. Actually it’s Chris" [U]" Well, take a seat Tom and let me tell you all about my little idea" [/U] Christ, this really is it. Well it isn’t beyond the realms of possibility I suppose, that one wrestling fan and a half cut executive who can't even remember my name gathered in conference room B could make a below average wrestling show...is it? "So....you’re a Wrestling fan sir?" I ventured, not sure if I wanted to know the answer. [U]"Oh dear god no!" [/U] Just as I thought [U]" The thing is we’ve been struggling to attract the younger demographics lately, so the boys upstairs had the capital idea of creating a child friendly wrestling show featuring characters that the little ones like these days. Y'know, Robots, Dinosaurs, Ponies, Cabbage Patch Kids, that kind of thing" [/U] Oh Boy "With all due respect sir, I don’t think children are really into Cabbage Patch Kids anymore..." [U]"That’s where you come in my boy! You look like your "down with the Kids" as they say. You help me make this appeal to the youth of today and I'll provide you with the rest. Just tell me what you need" [/U] I thought about it long and hard. For two whole seconds. "I’m sorry sir this just doesn’t seem like my kind of thing. Sure, I love wrestling...but this isn’t wrestling! It’s an abomination of everything I’ve spent the last 10 years bitching about on Internet message boards. If I help you with this I become part of the problem. So you see...." [U]"Did I mention there would be a hefty pay rise? [/U] "...I would love to sign the contract and officially get on board with this as soon as possible."
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