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Anorthosis 3-0 Olympiakos for CL 3rd round Qual

Capelli King

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Damn proud of that result. Anorthosis of Cyprus managed to pull of a hell of a good result in the 1st leg match against Olympiakos the Greek champions. If they manage to hold on in the next match this will be the first time in history a Cypriot team gets to the League format and in the top 24 teams of all Europe! Of course i doubt there is any Cypriots in this forum and i know there are not allot of football\soccer fans in this forum anyway, but still i think this is one hell of an upset. Lets see what will happen in the return leg though. The previous round they also won 3-0 against Austria Vienna and struggled to qualify after loosing 3-1 away. So i guess it is not over yet.:rolleyes:
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