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My APW Fed reaches Regional!

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In front of a crowd of 520 at historic Fuster Hall, the Australian Pro Wrestling league officially reached Regional size following a standout show that saw Swoop McCarthy become the APW's first Unified Champion, after putting his Commonwealth Title on the line against Harry Simonson's Australian title in a winner-take-all match. Following his victory, the Grand Avatar appeared and ordered both men to put their differences aside and face the APW Tag champs, Dingo Devine and the Brisbane Devil (a/k/a "Divine Devil"). Simonson defeated Divine Devil with a flash pin less than 10 minutes in, becoming the APW Tag Champs with McCarthy. But the night was not over. Suddenly, the long-inactive Melboune Blondes appeared and demanded a title shot for the tag belts, "Right here, tonight!" McCarthy accepted over Simonson's objections and the match was on. The Blondes dominates the 30-minute Iron Man challenge and McCarthy walked out of the arena with three minutes remaining, leaving Simonson all alone in the ring against the Blondes, who pinned him to regain their Tag Titles and become the first three-time Tag champs in APW history. The crowd was outraged and jubilant and talking nonstop about the memorable show long after Fuster Hall was empty that night, as the crowd shuffled out to the neighboring bars. "Australian Pro Wrestling has taken a distinctive step forward tonight, and my faith in the Grand Avatar has been strengthened considerably," APW owner James J. MacMinister said in a statement released the following Monday. "We feel we're now at a size where the rest of Australia and New Zealand are finally catching on to something I've known all along - the heart of the professional wrestling scene can only be found right here, in APW." APW is currently without a TV or PPV deal, but MacMinister told press sources that he's confident it is now only a matter of time before those ducks start lining up, as well.
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