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Someone IMed Me TEW Related...


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[QUOTE][I]Enygma Sith Lord (8:31:23 PM): whats up dude...i just saw a thread of yours on the TEW board. i can answer a question of yours as to what enygma looks like without the mask... Enygma Sith Lord (8:32:03 PM): adam ryland wont let me onto the forum because he knows i found out he has been using my gimmick for tew for years...im not bitter but damn...i hated wearing masks... Enygma Sith Lord (8:34:25 PM): wish he'd let me on though because i *am* the real enygma...have tons of proof...the finishers are mine...and im even in the credits on his previous game EWR as real-life wrestlers who played the game and emailed him..credit would rock...but hey if im bugging you, sorry dude..just had to tell SOMEONE my story...[/I][/QUOTE] I think this is in response to me posting in the TEW08 Alt Requests basically saying I wanted an alt for Enygma that showed his real face.
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