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Custom Merchandise Breakthrough

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In case anyone's still reading. I was running DOTT at WCCW for a couple of years, always struggling with merchandise. I never dabbled in custom controls, and I usually lost about $10,000 every month. So I decided to play around with the custom controls. At first, I gave most of the faces and some of the heels some kinds of merchandise, with varying levels. Still losing money. Finally, in September 1984, I cut back. I created merchandise for only my top 7 faces, and top 2 heels. I set the amounts between low and very low. Something clicked. August 1984: $16k in merchandise income, $25k in expenses September 1984: $217k! in merchandise income, $27k in expenses. What the hell happened? Is there something coded into DOTT to make merchandise important around this time? Does custom control changes have THAT big an impact? Is this a bug?
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