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First TEW Diary

First TEW Diary  

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  1. 1. First TEW Diary

    • ROH 2008 (Starting At September)
    • CMLL 2008 (Starting At September)
    • PGHW 2008 (C'verse/Starting At January)
    • OLLIE 2008 (C'verse/Starting At January)
    • DAVE 1997 (C'verse/Starting At January)

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Hi, I am new to GDS though I been playing EWR for a while and own both TEW 07 and TEW 08. Also, I have a lot of experience with writing (never with a simulator though), but have taken about a year long hiatus. So I decided to let you guys choose what you would like to see me write. I have given 5 choices of what I think I could do a good job with. Thanks and hopefully you enjoy whatever I write.
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