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Invasion Storylines

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I would like to know if anybody has tried an "Invasion" storyline (see WWE/WCW-ECW or WCW/nWo) on TEW 08 yet or if it would be possible to pull off with the current 1.1 software version? I have my own universe with all my own promotions. One storyline I would like to run would be having my development territory invade my promotion that I am running leading up to a cross promotional PPV - something like a Survivor Series event or captaining matches. I suppose I could just call up everybody from my minor leagues and do a brand split, but that would wreck the computer trying to simulate the promotion on its own. Plus, I think it would vacate the Owner/Head Booker roles too. Hey Adam.... would this be possible to see "Invasion" in future TEW 08 versions?
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