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Worker Styles..

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Here's the definitions of the styles from TEW, they all fit in WreSpi as well. [B]Regular Wrestler: [/B] This worker doesn't have a specific style, he just wrestles. [B] Entertainer: [/B]This worker is an entertainer first and foremost, so he plays to the crowd a lot. [B] Strong Style: [/B] This worker uses realistic looking blows and holds, in a very Japanese manner. [B] Spot Monkey: [/B]This worker uses lots of super high flying moves and crazy dives, and doesn't spend a lot of time doing transition moves. [B] Cruiserweight: [/B] This is a wrestler, usually a small guy, who uses a lot of high flying moves, but with more transitions and logic than a Spot Monkey would use. [B]Luchadore: [/B]This is the traditional Mexican style of wrestler, usually very fast with good technique. [B] Super Junior: [/B]This is a Japanese-style smaller wrestler, who mixes high flying with great technical skills. [B]Technician: [/B]This is a worker who primarily uses holds and suplexes to beat people, rather than strikes. [B]Brawler: [/B] This is a worker who likes to use his fists to brawl his way to victory. [B]Psychopath: [/B] This is a worker who is crazy, and uses weapons based brawling. Very often they have no regard for their own well being, and will hurt themselves during moves.
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