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Is there a way to do this?

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[QUOTE=Frederick Bear;498926]I want to keep a worker off screen for a couple months to sell an injury (and so the no more than 4 matches in 6 months resets, so I can continue the feud properly). The problem is, I don't want him to be angry about not being booked on shows. Is there a way to do this?[/QUOTE] Have him do commentary on one match per show. I've had two of my main eventers out for 7 months so far for the same reason as you're planning and using this method, they have no complaints whatsoever. When they're not doing occasional commentary, they're being referred to in angles ("You see what we did to X & Y and you still want a piece of us?!?"). You could try the gimmick change trick too but given the size of my roster and the length of time the two workers would be out, I figured I'd forget to cancel the gimmick change.
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