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1999 Mod

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I have a database from TEW 07 that I've converted to TEW 08. It has over 1000 workers. It was an original conversion of Tommy's War's end backwards to 1999. If he's ok with it, I'd like to give this to someone to work on. I'm not a good modder, but this is an ok base to start with if someone wants to do a 99 mod. The title histories, rosters, etc. are all pretty good, just need someone to work on stats, bios, promotions, etc. Again, I'm not working on this mod and it isn't my data. I converted a War's End mod backwards to 1999, made a bunch of changes to play on 07 with a style I wanted. I just got my old laptop back and have converted this to 08 so if anyone wants it to work on, I'll upload it all and let you have it. It has a complete pic pack.
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