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According to the WreSpi Help File, here are the stats that can be worked on through training: Power, Speed, Technique, Toughness, Charisma & Microphone Skills, Safety and Psychology. Stamina can also be effected, but that stat was left out of the Skills & Abilities Help File. If you adjust the Muscle Mass and Weight Loss Fitness Regiments, you can also go up or down one weight class. As far as training options, a lot of them are self-explanatory. In the [B]'Your Fitness Instructor'[/B] screen, under [B]'Fitness Regime'[/B]: [I]Road Work and Cardio[/I] effect Stamina (and possibly Toughness), [I]Physical Strength[/I] effects Power, [I]Speed & Flexibility[/I] effect Speed. Under the Weekly Routine, [I]Review Wrestling Footage[/I] either effects Psychology and/or Charisma & Microphone - there's been a couple of people with differing opinions on that. At the [B]Your Mentor[/B] screen, under 'Training Regime': Those all all rather self-explanatory. As far as an optimal trainging regiment, you'll just have to experiment while keeping an eye on the [B]Expert Opinion[/B], under the [B]Your Fitness Instructor[/B] screen. Good luck!
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