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[CENTER]The day was like no other. As my sister watched tv, sitting there as she knew line for line the stories, but still laughed every 2 seconds, like she never saw them before. No my sister is not 2, at least I don’t think so. She was watching the suite life of zach and cody. I heard from my room that Cody was dressed as a mummy, and he was peeing in his mummy suit or something. Well anyway, today seemed weird. My mom was acting very strange. Well first let me tell you a little about her. My Mom is the sweetest Mom you could even imagine, but can also be a little bit different once in a while. She was acting very strange today. Very uptight and acting in a daize. The whole day she seemed like she wanted to tell me something but couldn’t. I never remember my Mom like this, and it confused me. She was screaming at my Dad for yes, being 5 minutes late. And my Mom never does that, weird right. Well my Dad came in; she yelled at him for 2 seconds and then left. Ok folks, my Dad is “different” to say the least. Nice happy guy, he’s 6’7 a big guy, so you don’t want to get on his bad side. But there is something else about my Dad also. He is the biggest crybaby ever. Don’t worry I’m not a kid that hates his parents or anything, I’m just trying to get some back story hear people, and I’m not trying to be mean to my parents on the web. Well this is my diary so shut up. Anyway my Mom, like I said yelled at him for 2 seconds before she left, and here we came. My Dad can be a strict, jerk, a super nice guy or the biggest crybaby you have ever met. When I say cry – I mean- well not crying, but he acts strange. The words, from my old man…. “I shouldn’t take this. C’mon John come” [“yeah I’m Coming” “John now, c’mon Heather lets go, you know if she wants, that b*itch can take you to physical therapy [talking about my sister]” “Why me, what did I do? C’mon John lets go” “All I try to do is a put a golly old smile on, you know I shouldn’t be treated like this, I come her all nice and… [then he starts crying], and why does she do this, why, you know let that boy rote in this house, c’mon heather [talking about me]. ll that b*itch that she has something else coming” Actually it was a lot worse than that. It’s one of those things you have to see to believe. My Dad just makes me scratch me head sometimes, but if you try to reason with my Dad once he gets like this, you have another thing coming. That sounded weird, but it’s so random. Yell at him a minute and he thinks the world in ganging up on him. It was so long a go I can’t remember much, that’s what I have from memory, but you just have to trust me it’s a lot worse. Oh did I forgot to tell you there divorced? Yeah that’s why he came over, to take us to his house. Well Mom left after yelling for 2 seconds to my Dad because she has to get some “groceries”. Maybe she was, I really don’t kwow why I doubted her. Trust me my Mom is lucky to have a date in 8 months, just because of all the trouble me and my sister put her threw, along with her Job. My sister is a little baby, and screams and yells at her all the time, for no reason [but I probly do the same, I guess you can call us spoiled]. When I asked her what she was getting she said “ groceries” … well what “things, bye, tell you damn father to get here already”. I heard my Dad crying and screaming as he left. Yeah he thinks the world is always out to get him, and how he is just trying to be nice. And dudes my grandparents are 1,000 times worse. Sorry Granny and Pa but, you don’t want to know. Yeah my family is chaos. I’m the school failer, my sister is a baby with a million friends, my mom is awesome, and gets stressed, and I don’t know about my Dad. So I went to bed. All I had to eat was some lemon grinds used for lemonade, or whatever they were. Mom sure must have gone shopping, I hope she brought us back a lot of food. I was just happy I kept calm threw this, just told my Dad she yelled at him for 2 seconds, not even thinking about dinner. I went to bed very dizzy, and feeling very de-highdrated. But who likes water, Pop rules. OCC: I just wanted to say I don’t dislike my family, this was all made up, and I love my family very much, I do. [yes this is a wrestling diary] My -------- Mom [/CENTER]
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