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Questions about worker generation and dojos

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Actually i have 3 questions that i have been thinking about. 1:If i create say 20 wrestlers in a months period for the game world will the AI take that into factor when it creates new wrestlers the next month even with my new worker generation set to high.I Was wondering because in my Cornell verse game i did something like that and the next month the AI generated just 4 new workers of which only 1 was a actual wrestler the other 3 being a manager,ref and an announcer. 2:If i have more better quality Dojo's will the AI create better quality workers for the game world and also how often does the AI generate a wrestler to graduate from a Dojo.I noticed in a 2 month period the AI actually generated one Dojo graduate because in his bio it stated wrestler so n so a graduate of so and so Dojo. 3:If i have more Dojo's based in a certain region will the AI generate more wrestlers in the long run from that region or not. Well thats all thanks in advance to anyone who can help me with these questions.
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