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Another noob question

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[QUOTE=The Masked Orange;509204]But it's really annoying when they've maxed out their stats in the early twentys. It feels like your playing with a veteran, but nowhere near as skilled.[/QUOTE] It depends on the worker. Some guys don't have that much to improve any way, despite being young. In the CornellVerse, guys like Wolf Hawkins and Marc DuBois are top caliber right from the start, so you still have a great wrestler even if they never improve a lick. Potential is usually random, so you don't usually know if a guy has room to improve much or not. Check the "Next Big Thing" and "Hot Prospects" lists under the Creative Meeting. They are a pretty good indicator, I find. And if the worker is Upper Midcard or higher, you can temporarily drop them so they will show up if they are worthy of the list. The "glimmer of something special" and "tangible sense of destiny" notes are usually key - those guys tend to move up relatively quickly, in both abilities and popularity.
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