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Backyard Wrestling From Chambers: The Comeback (C-Verse)

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Chambers, Nebraska has never been a wrestling hotbed. Hell, we're seriously in the middle of nowhere. There are no wrestling schools, no wrestling arenas, nothing. You probably have never even heard of us. Well, with a population of only around 400, I'm not surprised. Yeah, it's true, there are a couple of other towns near us, but that only raises the population up to around 1000. But I digress. I'm Chris Paisley. I grew up, watching SWF on TV and my one dream was to become a wrestler. Any kind of wrestler. I'm not good, I'm pretty charismatic, but I'm not a good worker by any standard. I don't care, I just wanted to get in the ring. I even made my own makeshift ring in my backyard. My friends and I would occasionally ditch high school class and wrestle shows for ourselves. Right after I graduated, I took a job at a local lumber mill over the summer. I made a thousand dollars and got this crazy idea. Why don't I start my own promotion? My backyard wasn't big enough to hold shows, nor did we have the proper facilities, but I learned I could rent out the local Chambers Community Center (CCC) to hold my shows for only $200 per show. I even found a few local businesses who would sponsor me. Tad's General Store would pay me to sell refreshments, and Mikey's Hardware would pay to have their name on the apron. I ran home and started to surf the web looking for people I could contact to wrestle at my shows. This was going to be great!
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