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In my haste to introduce some new workers from development, I made a pretty gave error with one workers gimmick. I decided to flip him to a heel before he debuted, but forgot to change his gimmick to a heel-based one. So he debuted with a face-only gimmick. Not surprisingly, his gimmick rating is currently E. It stays its too soon to change his gimmick again. Which leaves me with a couple questions... 1. I'm trying to avoid turning him to a face, but even if I do that, will it recover his gimmick rating at all? 2. I know switching to a new gimmick too soon is going to make it a crappy rating, but if its one very suited for the worker, will it recover a bit over time or just stay at the terrible rating? 3. How badly does a terrible gimmick rating hurt a worker in a SE promotion? Is it going to kill any popularity gains if I just leave him with the face gimmick?
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