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PJ Black Signs WWE Developmental Deal


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[URL="http://www.wwpthunderstrike.com/page42.htm"]http://www.wwpthunderstrike.com/page42.htm[/URL] Now, I know what everyone is thinking: who the hell is PJ Black? Well, I know who he is. PJ is a stellar talent out of South Africa, who's been wrestling for WWP for the last couple of years. I've seen some of his matches (on video, obviously), and can say that the kid has serious talent. His in-ring work is a bit on the spot monkeyish side, but in a way that all the flying seems very believable, and it works. I think this is a big steal for the WWE, and if they actually book him properly (should he leave FCW and head to the big league) then I wouldn't be shocked to see him go places. Either that, or they'll fail to use him properly and he'll go on to have stellar X-Division matches in TNA. Either way, I've been hoping that this guy would get a shot at stardom, and this might be it.
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