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[QUOTE=Segmental;515306]Well I'd like a layout like WWE, where it has Bios, Shows, Roster, even Histories.[/QUOTE] Actually, you can do that in the Dynasties sections here. Either do it 'hot' within the body of posts, as I've seen many do, and I sort of do as well... ... or you can do it via attachments, which are enabled in the Dynasties forums. I've seen many people do things like rosters, as well as histories, etc. as attachments to their diary thread for folks to download and look through as they desire. Either way, it's not something people have to go someplace else to see it. And since people check the dynasty forums (as well as the others here) to see if there's anything new, if you have your diary elsewhere you just might miss out on significant readership. Either people won't know your diary's there once your 'announcement' topic gets dated and burried in one of these forums (and even though it occassionally happens, it's considered 'bad form' as well as bad karma to *bump* a topic), or people will just not care to stop elsewhere just to check on one diary. All and all, I would recommend you do it here. Besides, with the functionality of the forums here, and a good bit of creativity, you can do just about anything you can imagine. You just have to figure out how to do it is all. ;) If you need a hand, ask, either in a topic here or via PM. I'm sure we can figure something out. Good Luck with your diary! - NordVolf
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