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Cornellverse 1990 (the hype...suggestions thread)

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Cornellverse 1990 by Paulskln I have been working on this for a couple of months now..i have permission to use whatever data i need from Mr jobs to me's excellent 1975 data and derek_b's equally excellent 1997 data, plus of course Adam Ryland for his excellent data and game. In the USA SWF is still the most popular and biggest fed in the USA and the entire world.The heavyweight title has gone back and forth from Rip Chord to Sam Strong over the last 5 years and the feud continues. The Texas Wrestling League is still in buisness and producing some good old school style bouts.the current and 3 time champion Sheik Mustsafa is the top man along with the great Archie Judge.The tag titles are held by The Outlaw II and Corporal Doom. In Japan BHOTWG is still churning out great shows with Sam Keith the current and two time champion.Golden Canvas Grappling are pushing BHOTWG for supremecy in the far east, with Sadaharu Jimbo holding the main title for two years and for the 4th time. The top women's feds are both in Japan with 5SSW and JPWW at war with each other. In Canada Dan Stone's fed North Of The Border Pro Wrestling has a young and exciting roster.they look like they could challenge SWF in years to come. In Mexico OLLIE and MPWF are keeping the exciting lucha libre scene alive. In the UK Men Of Steel Combat with there brawling style wrestling shows struggling to keep afloat can The Highland Warrior and his gang of boozing brawling misfits keep the UK scene alive. Coming To a TEW08 Screen Near You Soon. if you would like to help with renders or anything else please post here.any suggestions would be gratefully received.
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