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League Forum Hosting?

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I have tried this before..gonna try it again. If you have a solid league, I will give you $20 to move the forum of it to my forum. My forum is: [url]www.bbwforums.net/forum[/url] Yes, I will pay you $20, to let me host your forum for free. PLUS if we get enough leagues, I plan to give rewards every month. Like maybe Sim Of The Month gets $50 or something. That will come in time if things go good. I plan to move a few forums over on the forum, this will also help people who have GM Openings with a few leagues on the forum. We have 1000+ members and people want to join new sims. We have 1 successful sim already there. You can view that by going here: [url]http://www.bbwforums.net/forum/forumdisplay.php?f=84[/url] I will give you complete mod power of your forum, and set it up just how you want it. I am very easy to work with. PM me if your interested. Baseball/Football/Basketball/Hockey sims welcome(will consider others possibly). I'm only paying $20 for leagues that already are up and have completed at least 1 seasons already. If your league if new, I will consider hosting your forum, but no money involved.
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