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PWI World Title Race

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[B]NOTE: [/B]All of my diaries are dead besides WWE: A New Path. This game is from the Rebirth Mod from Tommy Tomlin. I control both WCW and WWF. [CENTER][B][SIZE="4"]Current World Champions:[/SIZE] WWF World Heavyweight Champion: Steve Austin (6) Won At RAW by beating Regal, Vince, & Shane McMahon WCW World Heavyweight Champion: Hunter Helmsley Won at Nitro by beating Jeff Jarrett[/B] [B][SIZE="5"][COLOR="Red"]PWI's World Title Reign Race Top 10[/COLOR][/SIZE][/B] 1. Ric Flair-16 (In WCW) 2. Hulk Hogan-11 (In WCW) 3. Verne Gagne-10 (Retired) 4. Harley Race-8 (Retired) 5. Bret Hart-7 (Retired) 6. The Rock-6 (In WCW) [B]7. Steve Austin-6[/B] (In WWF) 8. Randy Savage-6 (Retired 9. Kevin Nash-6 (In WCW) 10. Jeff Jarrett-5 (In WCW)[/CENTER] Non-Mentioned Champ: Triple H/Hunter Helmsley-5 (One Rank Behind Jeff Jarrett) [B]Notes: [/B]I will be updating this every title change!
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