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Mixed Tag Teams

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I don't mean mixed gender but mixed push tag teams. When I put together a new tag team, I almost always match two workers of a similar level. They might have very different styles, but they are generally within one or two levels of each on the roster. So a midcard and an uppper midcard. Or an upper midcarder and a main event worker. I've read people mention that they've done mixes, where a lower end worker is teamed with a lower worker. I've never really had the urge before but just discovered a couple good chemistry notes that make the idea intriguing. I'm talking about an enhancement talent or opener tagging with a main eventer, basically. I figure its a good way to get a lower talent in some solid matches and on TV. I am concerned that it might drive up the lower workers popularity too quick. That sounds odd, but its the same reason I don't given openers wins over midcarders. I'm also concerned about opponents from the midcard being choked at losing to one of the guys being below them - or does the presence of the main event guy override that? I'm just curious how this has worked out for others who have tried it. Anything to avoid?
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